Increasing visibility for the most accomplished female founders and CEOs in Utah.

Utah’s First Awards for
Female Entrepreneurs


Some facts to chew on…


Utah women own nearly 84,000 businesses statewide.


They’re responsible for generating $14 billion in revenue.


Yet female CEOs receive just 3% of venture capital—the fuel for building fast-growth companies.

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This is why the Sego Awards
were created.

The goal of the Sego Awards is to create visibility for female founders & CEOs. Visibility is the key to attracting the community, mentors, funding, and environment that will help fuel success. We celebrate the bold and impactful female titans who have founded and are building great businesses.

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View 2019 Winners & Finalists

Thank you to everyone who nominated outstanding female founders! We celebrated these amazing women at the 2019 Sego Gala on May 10, 2019.

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Allison Lew,  Sego Co-Founder  Braid Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs , Founder

Allison Lew, Sego Co-Founder
Braid Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs, Founder

Trent Mano,  Sego Co-Founder  Convoi , Co-Founder

Trent Mano, Sego Co-Founder
Convoi, Co-Founder

Amy Stellhorn,  Sego Co-Founder  Big Monocle , Founder & CEO

Amy Stellhorn, Sego Co-Founder
Big Monocle, Founder & CEO

Ken Frei,  Sego Co-Founder  Convoi , Co-Founder

Ken Frei, Sego Co-Founder
Convoi, Co-Founder


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